Core Holistic Dental – TMJ Therapy  (BPA-Free Night Guards)


TMJ disorders affect the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint. This joint allows the jaw to hinge and slide smoothly and comfortably. Anything that interferes with this movement, including arthritis or injury, can lead to TMJ disorders.

Dr. AJ Seehra makes personalized recommendations based on a comprehensive evaluation. We will take a full medical and dental history and talk to you about any habits or behaviours that could be triggering symptoms. Our treatment recommendations are based on a holistic approach to your health, which means that we may make recommendations regarding not only your dental health but also your general health.

Lifestyle factors often play a role in the development of TMJ disorders. We may suggest yoga or meditation to address these issues and reduce the stress. We may also recommend warm or cool compresses to ease inflammation and discomfort. Oral splints, or mouth guards, can be used to ease pressure and keep the jaw correctly aligned. Natural supplements may be necessary in some cases if more conservative treatment options do not provide sufficient symptom relief.